Core MCCS Training

MCCS Organizational Learning & Development manages a core organizational curriculum of management, leadership and customer service courses designed to build skills, knowledge and competencies of the MCCS Professional. These four courses are taught throughout Marine Corps Community Services at every installation by certified Course Managers' who adhere to the expectations and integrity of the course curriculum. All MCCS employees are encouraged to take all four courses as part of their career development within the organization. For more information about these courses, please contact your local MCCS Employee Development Office.

World Class Customer Service (WCCS)

The MCCS-wide customer service training program, World Class Customer Service, is designed for all MCCS employees. The emphasis of the program is to provide participants with skills to improve the service delivery process in all MCCS programs. Specific communications skills will be introduced to assist in building people skills that will distinguish MCCS staff in being proficient in handling customer situations.

Leadership Skills for Managers (LSFM)

LSFM is designed to enhance interpersonal skills. The course is designed for supervisors and managers, but any employee can benefit from this course. The competencies addressed include communication skills, how to manage meetings, solving performance problems, preparing and prioritizing goals, delegating, customer service recovery, empowering staff and may others. The course includes a desk reference, entitled Essential Management Competencies Desk Reference (EMC).

MCCS Managers' Course

This course focuses on becoming familiar with and using the four-volume desk reference set. The MCCS Managers' Course Desk Reference set contains 12 major duties and 92 tasks. Tasks examined during the class include: Analyze Customer Experiences; Apply Program Standards and Metrics; Develop Internal Policies/Procedures; Establishing or Adjusting Fees and Prices; Control/Minimize Shrinkage; Conduct Performance Ratings/Reviews; and Advertise and Promote Effectively, to name just a few.

Are You Listening? (AYL)

This course provides the tools for those staff who develop relationships with customers to learn how to actively listen to information being shared, identifying warning signs of distress and having the resources available to refer an individual, if in fact, referral is needed. It is not about counseling or playing psychiatrist. It is not about alerting the chain of command to behaviors and warning signs. It is learning how to actively and positively interact with Marines and Family Members, and effectively listen and understand the needs of those communicating with the staff. At the conclusion of the class, participants are provided with the broadest understanding of their own agency and resources within MCCS.

Change Element

The Change Element is based on decades of work helping organizations, large and small, change successfully. It provides practical tools, like the Change Model™, to help people understand what exactly happens during change, where they are in the process, and what they should do next. 
When you give everyone in your organization the tools to change, your whole organization can move faster than ever before.  In a world of ever accelerating change, the ability to change can turn into a competitive advantage. 
This course will help employees use the Change Model to navigate change and turn it to their advantage; Predict change and prepare for it; Beat the barriers that get in the way of changing; Adjust to the change and prioritize your efforts; and Create lasting innovations.

Performance Coaching

This course will provide the opportunity for Supervisors to discover their mindset and behavior in regards to developing employees, coaching employee performance and engaging employees for “go-to” performance.  Content areas that will be covered include:  how to address performance problems, delegating responsibility, and how to strengthen employee performance.  Specific interaction skills and action steps will be introduced to build coaching competence in the participants.  Strategies for conducting coaching discussions with their employees to increase performance and long-term contribution will be presented.  This course is intended for development purposes and should not be used as part of the Performance Management process.